Nick Bramwell


Two of my favourite things are Middle-earth and strategy games, so it seems only logical that I should also be a fan of Games Workshop’s The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game (or SBG for short).

Since being a teenager I’ve always developed my own games and rules. Here are some of the scenarios I’ve created for SBG.

The Lord of the Rings Campaigns

Scouring of the Westfold

This campaign looks at events leading up to the Battles at the Fords of Isen where Saruman’s treachery is revealed and he finally declares open war with Rohan.

Download Scouring of the Westfold [PDF]

The Hobbit Scenarios

Hunting orcs

Although unaware of the presence of a wizard (who is never dressed for dinner), thirteen unkempt Dwarves, and a hobbit; scouts have returned to Rivendell with news of an Orc hunting pack near the entrance to the hidden valley. Before they can stray too close, Elrond rides out with a band of knights to confront the Orcs.

Yazneg and his hunters having lost the trail of Thorin’s company find themselves trapped and must escape. Although perhaps being captured by Elves would be a better fate, than returning unsuccessfully to his master, Azog.

Download Hunting Orcs [PDF]

Points Match Scenarios

These scenarios are designed for competitive play at tournaments.

Both An Ancient Mathom and Conflicting Information were designed as alternatives to Seize the Prize from The Desolation of Smaug sourcebook. Although a fun scenario it doesn’t work all too well in competitive tournaments, so I tried to write a version that was more balanced.

None of these scenarios have been heavily tested yet so your feedback would be helpful if you give them a try.